THE ONEの商品をあなたも販売しませんか?

Why do not you sell the products of THE ONE?
We are looking for distributors such as automobile dealers, coating contractors, net shop operators from time to time at THE ONE.
When registering with an agent, we will introduce your company to the website of THE ONE and describe the URL of HP.
Please display on the shop front as a maintenance agent of glass coating, addition to the finish of exhibition car and car wash menu.
We also prepare exclusive prices for business shops.
If you are interested please feel free to contact us by e-mail in the inquiry column or by e-mail.
As a distributor agreement, it is a policy not to enforce a large amount of inventory, or to not make impossible quota etc.
I am looking for someone who likes the products of THE ONE and I am really convinced and able to sell it.
Please feel free to contact us.