Super shiny

Professional specification super gloss that second-hand car dealers and coating contractors actually construct before delivering cars Add it every time you paint repeatedly!

super water repellent

Smooth the body surface by forming a glass fiber-based film, realizing surprisingly repellent power than ever

super antifouling

At the same time as water repellent, a thin film formed on the clear layer prevents dirt from adhering, so dirt attached to the surface can be easily dropped easily next car wash.

Easy work

Sprinkle on a wet body, sponge 2 to 3 push spray this product thinly, just wipe up with a dedicated microfiber cloth

I know everything about super gloss Introducing easy construction procedure

Sprinkle on a wet body after car wash, spray on 2 to 3 push, gently stretch.
Before this product dries, wipe it off with a dedicated cloth once wetted with water and squeezed.

※ At this time, when the body is dry or when the surface is high temperature it will be uneven.
※ Do not build at once at once, construct each door such as one door individually, and wipe it up. It may become uneven if it dries.
※ When wiping off the cloth gets worse, rinse lightly with water and please use again.
※ If it becomes uneven, or if the requid remains, once the body is flushed with water, wiping will be easier if you work while shedding excess ingredients.