ApplicationAutomotive coating
IngredientSilicone Resin · Siloxane
ColorMilky White
ContentsCoating agent · Coating sponge · Micro fiber cross
Remarks5 medium-sized cars · All colors corresponded · Coated car construction OK

After washing the car, spraying on a wet body and simply wiping it makes it possible to obtain the effect of "super gloss", "super water repellent" and "super dirty". It can also be used as a maintenance agent for various coated cars. It is also possible to add the effect by overcoating and last longer.
"THE ONE MAGIC" comes with an excellent microfiber cloth with both sponge and wiping capability that improves workability as it is hard to damage the body with a size design that fits tightly to the hand so that professionals at the work site are easy to use . In addition, the product bottle is a fashionable aluminum bottle which prevents the risk of breakage due to falling etc., the risk of liquid leakage, and also sticking to the appearance.